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Hi! I am the creator of Kaekoo Pillow Shop. Thank you for shopping small! I believe each home carries a reflection of those who live and love within it's walls. The pieces we put in our homes become a part of that story. As we work closely with artists from all over the globe and handcraft each pillow, we do with careful attention to every detail because we know the value of that unique touch in your home. 

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  Our Creation Process 

   our studio 
  your home 


Inspiration is drawn from everyday life, beautiful photos, vintage color schemes and a little imagination. After each pillow design is sketched it goes into the computer where we configure angles, seam allowances and print off our custom pattern. This is where the trial and error happens but it's all about the process of creating. 

  what our customers are saying 

Becky Rust

"I'm absolutely in LOVE with Kaekoo's Pillow Covers. They look just as fabulous in real life as they do in photos. They are quality covers and attention to detail is spot on. Can't wait to fill my house with these lovely ladies!"

Kelli Langton 

I couldn't be more impressed with my new Kaekoo Rosetta pillow. Upon receiving it, I was thoroughly impressed just by the packaging. Everything fit so perfectly in the box and was so elegantly designed, down to even the sticker on the tissue paper. The fabric and leather is a perfect blend of live-able and stylish. Everything has been sewn so well and seems so durable! I couldn't have been more excited to get it on my couch. It's very obvious that Kaeley has thought every single thing through when she created these pillows; the designs, fabric, colors, etc. I will most certainly be buying more! Thanks Kaekoo! 

Tamara Andrade 

To say I'm in love with @kaekooshop is a complete understatement! These pillow covers are made with such quality, not to mention how absolutely stunning they are! Kaeley's attention to detail and the love she puts in to each cover, starting with the box is shipped in, is so special!

Audrey Crisp

Kaeley makes the most gorgeous pillows! The attention to detail is incredible. You can see how much time and love goes into making each and every one of them! They are super well made and original. Thank you for sharing your creativity and talent with all of us!


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