Thank you for your interest in opeing a wholesale account with Kaekoo Shop!

We have seen a lot of growth this year which we are so excited about! As our team has grown we've been able to better match the large demand for our unique pillows and create more by hand to offer to other shops. We are really super excited to team up with other like minded businesses who can also appreciate the beauty of custom home goods. We only offer them to those selling them in their own brick and mortar store. No online selling is permitted.

I am happy to chat more but just to give you an idea, we offer 30% off your total order, minimum 25 pillows. Retail price depends on your market and demographic. It takes about a week to prepare your order and we offer shipping via USPS Priority. You can find our current available collection at Please just send us a list of the pillow design and quantity that you want and we will do our best to complete your full order. We can also customize colors if you are looking for something specific. Once we have your order request, we create a custom listing for you and you can tweak that until you are ready to move forward.

Please don't hesitate if you have any questions, shoot me an email to

We are flexible and really want to find something that works well for all. We look forward to chatting more, have a wonderful day!