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Our goal is to inspire your space with beautifully hand crafted textiles that tell a unique story. Each piece carefully designed & ethically created using ancestral techniques celebrated across generations.

 Meet Kae 


I was designing and sewing doll clothes at 8 yrs old, entered my first quilt into the County Fair at 14 yrs old and spent the last 16 years sewing to my heart's content. Creating has become such an large part of who I am, and what makes me happy.

 When I decided to launch

Kaekoo Shop on 02/1/17 sharing my own, original, unique pillow designs it felt like a organic progression for my creating love affair. My passion is to always offer one of kind, beautifully designed textiles. Made by hand with the highest quality, with careful attention to every detail in collaboration with artists from India, Turkey, Thailand, Africa and Argentina. I am confident you will love each of your new Kaekoo Pillows in your home. I am so grateful for the chance to make for you. Thank you for supporting small business!

                XO                                 Kae






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we believe in..


From design exploration to each placed cut or pinned needle, we take our time creating something you are proud to put in your home.


Honesty, hard work and being true to ones self is what drives me to continue creating unique products that my customers can trust in and that I can be proud to offer. 

None of this would be possible without YOU! Thank you. I want you to be 100% satisfied and will be able to answer any questions or concerns you might have. 




Inspiration is drawn from everyday life, experiences and seasons. From happy and bright in the summer to warm and moody in the winter. I also like to play with vintage color schemes and a little imagination. After each pillow design is sketched it goes into the computer where we configure angles, seam allowances and print off our custom pattern. This is where the trial and error happens but it's all about the process of creating. 

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